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Warrior Cats RPG Defend Your Clan Forever
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You walk up to a she-cat with sliver tabby fur, icy blue eyes, and a big fluffy tail. She is currently hunting and she jumps at the 

sound of your pawsteps. At first when you look at her she looks nice and all but her claws are unsheathed. She looks ready to attack but then

she relaxes a bit when you don't look hostile. You ask her who she is what her name is and where she is from. 

"Hi! I'm Crystalheart! I'm from Thunderclan, why wouldn't I. Why are you here, you smell like a kittypet or a rogue. You have to get out soon or my leader will personaly hunt you down and kill you."

You look at her very proudly , apparently you are a brave kittypet or rogue (even I don't know.) Now you ask her if she any family in her clan and also ask if she has a mate, becuz you just want to know I guess. And her age, becuz.

"Uh-My parents are dead they were Willowtail and Shadowclaw. WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW IF I HAVE A MATE?!! And yes I do. His name is Skymmon and I have three kits Featherkit, Rainkit, and Ashkit. Also I foster mother Hyenapaw and Thornkit. I have two siblings Feathermist and Darkpelt. I'm currently 20 moons of age and a proud warrior of Thunderclan."

Now you ask her what her personality is and you hear pawsteps nearby. You look around scared and you are ready to run. 

"Don't worry! They won't attack, their on a hunting patrol. Hmm..My personality? Oh well, I'm really protective of my kits. I mean what queen wouldn't be. I am generous to everyone, like everyone else in my clan would've attacked you by now but as you can tell you're not in Starclan. Wait do you even belive in Starclan? Um. I'm really loyal to my clan, I guess you wouldn't understand."

You tilt your head, bewildered. But before you can say something else Crystalheart starts talking agian.

"Would you like to join Thunderclan? I mean I don't know your name and all but you can still join. I think my clan leader wouldn't mind; he is pretty reasonable and kind."

You shake your head no. I guess chu no want to be a warrior then.

"You sure? He wouldn't mind." She looks like she gave up. "Well I tried. If you want to leave now you can. I'll just continue hunting and try to get that mouse you sacred off. Goodbye now! Try amd visit if you can" 

You turn away now and start heading home but you turn back. You see the she-cat still watching you go and now you begin to wonder if you should join the clan. Now you look up at the sky and let your mind drift elsewhere.

  Other cats here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lOsMAYqqkO_Tzg9RLpNJqO-0yPMzzhWf_PFdhjEPYuI/edit?usp=sharing" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">/httpshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1lOsMAYqqkO_Tzg9RLpNJqO-0yPMzzhWf_PFdhjEPYuI/edit?usp=sharing" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">/docs.google.com/document/d/1lOsMAYqqkO_Tzg9RLpNJqO-0yPMzzhWf_PFdhjEPYuI/edit?usp=sharinge.

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Webs, as many of you know, is unmanageable and generally slow. Also, we have the issue of Lily not passing off ownership to Ming, thus stopping us from upating staff. So, we've moved to Discord. It's active still, and it's a giant community that is friendly, fun, and generally a big meme-fest. We still love to RP, and we'd love to see you there!