Warrior Cats RPG: Defend Your Clan Forever

                 Welcome!    (Read Below)  

 Welcome to Defend Your Clan Forever, a  popular site among warrior cats fans! 
We have over 1000 members and new ones are always joining!  We also have an active staff to take care of any questions or concerns you may have.  Our members are always ready to roleplay, so if you're ready to join, just read the rules, sign up, choose a Clan, and begin your site experience!
None at this time.


General rules 

  1. Refrain from using inappropriate language. 
  2. No advertising. Advertising is strictly prohibited.
  3. If another member, or even staff member, makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, be sure to contact an/another administrator when you can.
  4. Any account used to bully, taunt, spam, or threaten will result in a profile ban.
  5. Staff's word is law.
  6. Listen to the staff.
  7. Please do not spam (post random, inappropriate, or confusing content) or flood (repeated posting with no meaning).
  8. Be welcoming and helpful to all new members.
  9. Report all problems and bad behavior.  (Screenshots are useful as proof.)
  10. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have. 
  11. Keep your password and other personal information private.
  12. No long names such as "Cherry the derpy unicorn god" or "Terra (Queen of all things earth)" for profile names. Just. No. Simply put one of your characters names, or a SHORT nickname you go by on the site. Please, for the love of Sand's sanity, stop with the long profile names.
Activity/ High position rules
  1. It is preferred that you come on at least once a week, however it is understandable if something in your life is stopping you. 
  2. Cats in high positions MUST check in weekly on the appropriate page (High Positions Check-In).  Ignorance to the fact that you need to check-in is no excuse.  You are only excused from not checking in if you have a valid excuse (i.e. broken computer, inability to access the site, school/home issues, vacation, e.t.c.) 
  3. If the position of deputy or medicine cat apprentice remains open for the span of two days or more, it will be open for Lily and her administrators to choose out of request.
  4. Not only does one need to check in on the High position check in page once per week to keep their rank, they should also be an active roleplayer. Any position left inactive for one week will receive a warning, and if another week passes, the position will be taken away and a replacement will be chosen. Excuses only include ones listed in Activity Rule Two, and also if the position's holder is on when nobody else is, with proof from witnesses.
Role-play rules 
  1. Keep OOC posts out of the Role-play boxes. OOC will take place on the "Chat" page.
  2. Use Clan names that would exist in the Warriors world, no "Jewelflower" or "Attackclaw".
  3. You may have as many cats as you want.  
  4. You cannot be invincible to injury or sickness.
  5. No power-playing (one-hit kills, kits, young, apprentices, or elders inflicting serious damage, kits catching prey easily, etc).
  6. Get another role-player's acceptance before you kill their cat. 
  7. Follow the main aspects of the warrior code.
  8. Do not impersonate other members' characters.
  9. Accept new members in a Clan like they've always been there, unless they wish otherwise.
  10. Kits and apprentices may not have mates or kits, however older apprentices can have secret relationships.  
  11. Only leaders may have extra lives.
  12. No powers unless you are a part of a prophecy, or they are bought in the Paw Points Bank.  Even with powers, you still have to follow rule #8.
  13. No background stories with non-existing Clans or tribes.
  14. No being raised by another species.
  15. You can use names from the books, but they can't be the actual cats.  This is a whole new generation.  This also means you cannot be closely related to any of the cats in the books. 
  16. For cats who aren't leaders, medicine cats, or part of a prophecy, try to keep dreams and secret messages to a minimum.  
  17. Warriors, whatever their background is, cannot know all the herbs, only basic ones.  Some warriors don't even know these.  There's a reason why there are only two medicine cats in a Clan.
But most of all, have fun!